Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Deaf Kids - Six Heretic Anthems for the Deaf

Genre: Black Metal/Crust/D-beat
Label: Coletiva Discos, Dançando No Escuro Recs
Country: BRA
Year: 2011
1.  Heretic Anthem #1
2.  Heretic Anthem #2
3.  Heretic Anthem #3
4.  Heretic Anthem #4
5.  Heretic Anthem #5
6.  Heretic Anthem #6


  1. Yo just noticed you might have been at the show last night. I was there for sure! ..sick ass grind happenin all the time it seems 'round here and these scion shows gettin better and better. Grind on -|-

  2. yup i was there. it was a great show from what i can remember haha. say hi next time!

  3. Ah i surely will next time. I looked around a bit to see if i could recognize ya but no such luck haha. But ya it was a killer show for sure.