Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ruined Families - S/T

Genre: Black Metal/Hardcore/Post-Punk
Label: Halo of Flies/Adagio 830/Dog Knights Prod./Gardens
Country: GRC
Year: 2012
1. Voidealism
2. You Will Become Like Your Father
3. Bedroom Nihilist
4. Quiet


  1. I knew a STEPH a long time ago.
    And I thought her " family" was " fun".
    They had a monkey .
    And they were the ones that gave us another monkey, at Christmas!
    They had dogs and horses and ducks and raccoons and they had a lovely home and they had some pretty nice kids for companions , too.
    But somewhere along the line, something happened, and maybe it was their German nurse and their wealth and their lack of interest in schools and the
    fact there was little or no discipline.
    The kids ran wild.
    And that's probably why I loved staying there!
    So when I see " Ruined Families" this is what I do see.
    I see NMARCE with her tons of eye make- up and who put make- up on
    I see STEPH who got kicked by a horse and altho I tried to console her, I was no match for the obvious pain and black bruise on her thigh!
    I see MALCOLM who had a crush on me and I on him and it was a childhood blessed for sure and sweet walks with sweet thoughts.
    And I see DANA with a tarantula and suddenly, things start to collide and end with the picture in my mind of ROCKY beating a horse.
    If this is what is meant by a " RUINED FAMILY" , it breaks my heart because these were deep friendships of my childhood.
    But if this means " RUINED FAMILIES" with mob, with mafia, with USTECO who promote guns and drugs and NRA criminalities with FAMAK-
    CONNIE MACK, CHENEY- ROVE- BUSHES- CLINTONS, I see the real end of America the Great.
    And I see my AMERICA.
    RICK the PRICK.
    To think it will now be a movie .

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